I’m passionate about helping women grow their business and aim to work with Contemporary designers as well as independent shop owners. I want to you to communicate your truth and brand from the most authentic place possible. Using my abilities to read your energy I can anticipate your needs. Through this intuitive process l can help find your most personal expression and convey it through your brand. These strategies will help capture your personal aura energy as well as your teams and have you glowing and growing for years to come.


  • Individual one-on-one team aura evaluations.

  • Assess work and make sure all aligns with vision and brand. Report back to you with gathered analyst to build comprehensive roles and strategies to begin to make the proper shifts for growth.

  • Teach you how to communicate your energy and vision in a way that will empower your team and help you to incorporate both subtle and dramatic shifts.

  • Team workshops and seminars on desired topics to help build from within.

  • Set ups quarterly goals for each department.

  • Introduce you to vibrant artistic talent to expand your message

  • Build a true narrative around your brand that includes your personal Aura outlook and vision long term

  • Provide research and inspiration - a vision board to align your brand and your teams aura energy.

  • Set up meetings with aligned business insiders to discuss your vision and introduce collaborations.

  • Connect you to likeminded visionaries who share your passion.