From a young age Susanna began seeing bright glows around her family and friends, but it was only when she saw her first grey aura that she realized these colors told a story about a person’s well-being.

She felt a call to study the elements of colors and their meanings. The more she learned about auras, the more she saw.

At 18, Susanna moved to New York to pursue her Broadway career. She quickly caught the eye of a few casting directors and landed leading roles in both national and international broadway tours. For years Susanna traveled the world but found herself longing for her creative community and home back in Brooklyn. After some soul searching she took a job working under a Brooklyn based jewelry and fashion designer, where she honed her skills and got her first taste of the industry.

As her studies deepened, Susanna began seeing auras vividly around her in a way that seemed to expose people’s thoughts and emotions. She began studying this work deeply. The colors began to make sense to her and the connections became easy to follow. She knew intuitively that this held something magical for her so, she trusted and followed her gut to build Aura Wear.

Now Susanna uses her gift to help clients connect with their energy, understand the power of color and make life-changing adjustments to their life. She conducts everything from mini-readings, makeovers, workshops and closet overhauls to photoshoot and branding consults for emerging designers.

She believes that just as you need a health coach or massage therapist you need an aura reader to make you feel truly balanced and in touch with who your own energy.

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