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This is not about news years resolutions.

This is aligning your intentions and frequency for 2019 to manifest your most abundant year yet!

Join us in collaboration with Artists & Fleas 


STAND OUT: A workshop for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Artists and Visionaries to set Soul Aligned Intentions that Attract Abundance in 2019

- Are you a creative or entrepreneur who's feeling stuck and fuzzy about how and where to propel forward?

-Are you an artist or visionary who's feeling as though your well has runneth dry?

-Do you have the courage to bring forth all of the treasures living inside of you?

If this is you, join us and let us assist you in making 2019 be your year to STAND OUT!

This workshop will provide a sacred space for you to:

  • Discover the role of Intuition for Creatives and Entrepreneurs in their Success!

  • Plant the seeds of your expanded vision using the Seasonal Magic of Quarterly Goals!

  • Learn how to use the Laws of Abundance to Manifest your Lifestyle and Business Goals!

  • Hone in on your individual Attractor Factor!

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Early Bird Special ends: Wednesday, December 26nd at 12am EST