Lunch Break Reading


Lunch Break Reading


Dying to get a bit of insight? needing some clarity? this 30mins reading is right, done over Skype so perfect for that lunch break pick me up.

During our session you will gain a access to information that is stored in your fields. We will take a closer look and dive deep into the colors and traits that reflect each inch of your spirit and cultivate them in a way the brings out your full self-expression. We will balance and align any areas the may need tending and gather information that will put you right back in-line with all that you are. This process will leave you with a fresh outlook and game plan for the season to come..

Your 45min Reading inclueds:

  • A short intuitive reading.

  • Delivery descriptive images and phrases that are held in your field.

  • Oracle or Card Reading

  • Light Guided Meditation

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Readings are given via Skype and Zoom.  exclusions apply during sales..