Full Intuitive Reading

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Full Intuitive Reading


In this 90mins session you will get overview of your aura, tapping into layers that might be hidden deep, two full card spreads, a charka balancing meditation and ceremonial cleanse with intention setting tea to ground us and balance all extended energy. This session will leave you feeling light and free.

During our session you will gain a access to information that is stored in your fields. We will take a closer look and dive deep into the colors and traits that reflect each inch of your spirit and cultivate them in a way the brings out your full self-expression. We will balance and align any areas the may need tending and gather information that will put you right back in-line with all that you are. This process will leave you with a fresh outlook and game plan for the season to come..

Your 90min Reading includes:

  • An intuitive reading.

  • Delivery descriptive images and phrases that are held in your field.

  • Information about your present moment.

  • Oracle or Card Reading

  • Guided Meditation

  • Energy Cleanse

  • Follow up notes and recomendations from our session emailed to you within 24hrs

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