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Professional Intuitive Energy Reader, Stylist,and Spiritual Coach


is your aura?

Your aura is an outward projection of the energies you embody on a day-to-day basis. Every living being on Earth (yes, even your fur babies) has an aura, and everyone’s aura is in a constant state of movement and evolution. Just like a fingerprint, no two auras are the same. This means your vibe is truly one-of-a-kind! Auras have their own way of communicating with us through the various colors we live our world in. According to color history and theory, as well as the spiritual meaning of color, we can access different states of being by embodying these unique frequencies.

What the  heck

Color is currency—and just like any other currency, color can be used as a means to get what you want. If there’s a specific feeling or energy you want to project to the world, you can intentionally dress to embody it, changing the way you show up in your life and how you’re perceived by others. This intersection of aura, color, and style is an incredibly powerful tool for total life transformation and is the foundation of the Aura Wear Method.

Color & Style

Color & Style


What do you need right now?

And are intrigued by the idea of using color and style to create the life they desire.


Who want to approach healing and growth with more pleasure
and fun.


Creatives, emerging intuitives, and changemakers.


The work we do at Aura Wear is available to womxn—but we specialize in guiding…

Supporting womxn to pave a life they love

who is aura WEAR for?


"Susanna pushed me to stand up for my own emotions and point of view, often to my own discomfort! Susanna often showed me ways to have a more compassionate perspective towards myself. Susanna makes it easy to be vulnerable with her in a tough world where it sometimes seems that warmth and compassion aren't valuable.  

She has given me the permission I needed to give myself in order to trust my own creativity, genius, and feelings. By working with her, I've developed a stronger relationship to my own intuition that makes me feel like I'm coming home to myself.

Lauren Mcgurrin 

"Doing Susanna’s coaching program has made me go from 0 clients and a huge fear of failure to having the rest of my year booked with amazing projects and big hopes for what is to come. 

The coaching sessions as well as the written work and readings helped me realize both my worth as a businesswoman and a holistic graphic designer. 

I felt guided by someone into stepping to my full potential and believing that I could live off of my passion and gift for design. Thank you Susanna for so much! This has been a game-changer.”

Daniela Marti

"When I met Susanna I had just moved back in with my parents during COVID. I was dying to get back overseas and 6 months later I am right where I’m meant to be. I had to work through a lot to believe I could create a life overseas with my husband. But here we are now, both working and thriving. 

It's funny to think now how there were just a few things that were holding me back, but knowing these things about myself is honestly the best gift I could have even given my current and future self. 

Thank you for being the most epic coach and the lovely, authentic
soul that you are."

Carly Onder

"In times that feel heavy and difficult right now in this world, it was so refreshing and beautiful to see all of us women be vulnerable and lift each other up. 

Strangers at first, friends by the end - this group of women forever hold a special place in my heart. As I started to take risks in my style, I also began taking risks in my life -such as taking steps towards starting up a passion project. If you’re considering working with Susanna- just do it! It has been one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made. 

Susanna guides, connects, and loves each of her clients."

Lauren Snyder

Embark on an empowering adventure with a close-knit community of visionary womxn, where color and style become your palette for manifestation. Over the course of 4 months, you’ll learn my signature Aura Wear Method and be handed the tools to self-coach yourself on the journey to creating the life you most desire. Along the way, you’ll build an epic support system, embody your self-expression, create unshakeable confidence, and expand your aura’s radiance.

The  Aura

Unlock your aura. Transform your reality.


I’m Susanna

I’ve been seeing auras since childhood, but my journey to harness my abilities to help others heal through color didn’t begin until later in life. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what these strange colors meant that I was seeing, but I realized quickly that this was a beautiful gift—one I was meant to share with others! 

Your guide & creative safe space

An intuitive hit led me to study the work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous clairvoyants of the 20th century. Realizing there were people like me gave me the reassurance that I wasn’t alone, and encouraged me to dive deeper into the science behind color theory. Colors began to take on more meaning, and I started using my gifts to help womxn connect with their energy and experience powerful life shifts with confidence and clarity. 

My background as a personal stylist inspired me to apply aura healing and color theory to style, offering people a tangible way to wake up and claim their power each day. I believe the more you understand your aura and how to intentionally shift it, the easier it becomes to show up as your best self. 

There are lots of ways to dive into this journey, and I’d be honored to walk it with you.