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Experiencing a lack of inspiration or confusion about what comes next for you? The Signature Aura Reading is just what the doctor ordered!

Like an energetic tune-up for your auric field, this 45-minute reading helps you unpack emotional blocks, clear mental stagnancy, and reset the physical body. Receive intimate guidance as you delve into your current energetic state and gain valuable insights to reclaim your full power and radiance, leaving you feeling confident and clear.

Feeling stuck, blocked, or stagnant?

45-minute aura reading where you’ll learn to connect to your current energy flow

Custom recommendations for healing color(s), self-care rituals, affirmations, and more

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Signature Aura

"I had an Aura Reading with Susanna this today and I’m about to start moving differently! Sis said my shit was super bright and Unstoppable. Say no more! Let’s go. Susanna is amazing and so Damn woke! I literally can’t stop Thinking about my Reading! I’m ready to start my Violet Hued Glow Up!"

Julie Wilson
Beauty Editor at large, Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Susanna is the real deal. I just had the pleasure of taping an episode with her for Goop and her energy is infectious! She blends both her intuition and passion for style better than anyone I know. It was fascinating to see her in action with some of our top loyal customers and connecting them to their true inner style!” 

Shaun Kearney
GM Of Fashion, Goop 

"Our session was *insanely* powerful and on point. I cannot wait for our next. I was blown away by how serendipitous and expansive so many aspects of it were. I have experimented with a bunch of different intuitive and healing modalities often through To Be Magnetic/Lacy recommendations and ours really stuck out. 

The fact alone that magenta has been the color I see in visualization or meditation for years and then to know it was a big part of my aura was wild AND makes so much sense.I could go on and on about how both magical and grounding our session was. Truly uplifting and clarifying. I cannot wait for the next session."

Christine Sullivan

This package is a deeper invitation to harness the power of your wardrobe.

This intimate aura reading will help uncover insights and inspiration for anyone looking to improve their personal style choices. You’ll learn how to apply the Aura Wear™embodiment process and begin using color and style to create the life you desire.

new to the idea of healing your aura and transforming your reality through the use of color and style?

Take it further

The Confident Closet Kickstart

30-minute aura reading where you’ll learn to connect to your current energy flow

A custom Aura Wear Style Guide including your aura style archetypes, color exploration for healing themes, styling tips, 3-5 shoppable looks styled by Susanna, custom mood board with shoppable links, and apparel/designer recommendations that align with your desired energy

30-minute follow-up meeting to review your custom style guide and answer any questions

"I recently booked the "Confidence Closet Kickstart" with Susanna. In this offer, she helps you connect with your aura, energy, and the essence you want to authentically embody with your style. She provides a complete breakdown of looks, specific pieces, and a style guide to help you step into this essence. Susanna hooked me up with the style direction and path my authentic self has been longing to express for a while. Thank you for helping me rediscover myself in my closet again!"

Jessica Gill
co-host of The Expanded podcast

"This session was exactly what I didn’t know I needed! Susanna inspired me to take action and risk in my style and that had left me playing small for the past several years.. I have a whole new routine and outlook on why getting dressed is important to my well being and creativity. Susanna goes above and beyond in the offering and you will not be disappointed with what you get."

Tina Lovely
Reiki Master

while connecting to what’s most important to you.

Navigating a transformational journey alone is not only lonely, but it can also limit your growth—only allowing you to see your situation from one perspective (yours). Working alongside a coach is like having someone in the passenger seat of life offering you guidance, keeping their eyes on the road, and alerting you to any detours or alternate routes. When we work together, you’re getting…

A personalized
approach to manifesting your deepest dreams and desires

Custom recommendations and resources

Personalized growth

1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Access to Aura Wear™ method basics and fundamentals of the process

(14) 50-minute coaching sessions (Zoom or phone)

Voxer support during your package

Access to private offerings and workshops

20% off all additional services and classes offered by Aura Wear

"Working with Susanna was like having a mirror that reflected back to me what I was denying in myself. She encouraged me to work through trauma from childhood and adult life and gave me the permission I needed to reckon with my feminine side that had long been suppressed. 

As a stylist she had amazing clothing recommendations for a changing pregnant body and encouraged me to get brand pics done while 6 months pregnant! She helped push me out of my comfort zone and I have grown so much spiritually and emotionally since working with her."

Kate Jackson

"Susanna held me through one of my darkest times, she believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. She gave me so much more than life guidance, rather radical self-acceptance and courage to be my wildly most divine self. She empowered me to be more assertive, playful and courageous in all areas of my life. 

Since our work together, I have released countless limiting beliefs and have manifested the most incredible opportunities which have led me to pursuing my career as an artist and creative! I'm endlessly grateful."

Mariah Massey

"I love that her program ebbs and flows as it needs to based the discoveries that you make along the way and what you're needing in a given moment. It allowed for baby adjustments along the way that add up to major shifts in the end! I feel like I'm hanging out with a good friend that gives me the conversation that I most crave! I never have any expectations in our sessions and trust that I'll hear what I need to hear - and without a doubt, our conversations always lead to something that I really needed to hear and that I end up pondering and actually taking action on until our next call. 

I like that Susanna empowers you to find your own healing by asking questions that gently point you in the direction you need to go."

Bethany Mabee

"Ultimately I manifested the job opportunity overseas and was worth enough to stay true to my boundaries and pass tests needed to ultimately make the move to Europe and eventually Asia! I understand now that this is just the beginning of my journey and the more I shed what isn’t true to my most authentic self, the more opportunities I am met with. I now allow what feels good and aligned to dictate the right next step for me. Susanna was an amazingly supportive coach throughout the program and her use of color is unique and uplifting when you need it most. 

This program changed my life- it brought me back to myself- and as I write this overlooking the Aegean Sea, I know I am exactly where I am meant to be."

Carley Önder 

"Susanna has a big inviting, fun energy. Her intuitive guidance was gentle yet challenging. She not only taught me about auras and colors but she made me think about things from a different perspective. 

Her assignments were always divinely timed and on track with what I needed at each juncture. I have grown more confident and know myself better than I have in a really long time. I have tools to flow with what life is bringing forth and the courage to step into my power to do it."

Angie Caneva

Together, with a group of other curious, open-minded womxn, you’ll uncover limiting beliefs and mindset blocks keeping you from creating the life you desire. You’ll tap into the powers of color and style as a creative means for manifestation. You’ll unlock a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help you harness your personal power and experience the fulfillment of bringing your desires to fruition.

It’s about so much more than style—it’s about community, intention, support, and power. It’s about taking the reins of your life back and moving forward with complete confidence. It’s about learning how to use color—something all around us—as a means of healing and transformation.

A 4-month group program rooted in aura healing, color theory, and personal style.

Collective healing

The Aura Embodiment 

Welcome to your style evolution—it’s time to ignite the individuality within. 


"I loved being a part of Susanna’s group coaching program! This process opened up new ways of thinking about color and energy, and reconnected me with the joy of creative expression through personal style and the wardrobe. I feel much more clear going forward on how I can support myself and my creative practice through the way I'm dressing, as well what kind of energy I'm cultivating around myself in general"

Morgan Benshoff

"[This program] has taught me so much about myself and the style choices I've made. It has brought me out of my creative shell and challenged my perspective on quite a few areas I just never even would've thought of. 

AEI has been such a wonderful experience. I came away from this vibrating a little bit higher and just ready to really show up as my true and authentic self even more when it comes to my style choices and using the tools you've given us to now fine tune that even more and really use color and style intentionally to support my day to day."


"I would firstly recommend Susanna to someone who identifies as a creative and is looking for more specific support or guidance - Susanna's work allows so much room for expressing and tapping into our creativity outside of your typical "art practice". 

I found myself feeling incredibly creative and inspired day to day, and realized that the fullness I feel on stage is accessible to me in my every-day life at home. 

This work is definitely for someone who wants to live a creative & inspired life."

Stephanie Regina