The  Aura

Unlock your aura. Transform your reality.


Color and style are directly connected to our energetic states, self-expression, and healing journeys. Once you understand how to utilize each color in your aura intentionally, you can take back control of your life, slipping into a more fulfilling and purposeful reality each morning. Because transforming your life truly is as simple as transforming your wardrobe.

The Tools to Unlock Your Magnetism & Transform Your Reality Have Been There All Along — Hiding Behind Your Closet Doors

Prepare To

Embody Your Self-Expression

 Tap Into Your Intuition

Create Unshakeable Confidence

Heal Through Color

Expand Your Aura Radiance

  • Felt lost and ended up spiraling down a “what’s my purpose anyway?” hole
  • Got dressed in the morning and felt “blah” when you looked in the mirror
  • Doubted your ability to bring your personal and professional goals to life
  • Struggled to identify your true desires—not the ones you “should” want
  • Weren’t even sure where your identity began and your friend’s or family’s ended
  • Felt tied down or defined by your past self, experiences, or decisions
  • Felt a nudge to take a leap but let fear or doubt win

When’s the last time you…

It's Honesty Hour

It’s Honesty Hour

And this is a safe space

This isn’t a call-out. It’s a call-in. I want you to know that even if this feels like your “normal” reality, it doesn’t have to be. You get to step into the driver’s seat and take control over your life, your reality, and your desires—it all starts now.

Feeling seen?

 Here’s What I Know You Really Want

Community—people in your corner who get it 

Support—because transformation is better together 

Freedom—from limiting beliefs & past selves 

Increased self-esteem—and the confidence to go after what you want

A clear purpose—and a path to get there

A life you love showing up for—starting with a “you” you love showing up for

A wardrobe that feels aligned with the person you’re becoming 

You’re A Seeker On A Journey

And this isn’t your first stop

You’ve been feeling stuck for a while—trying different modalities and practices to jumpstart your healing, yet they all fell short. You’ve bought the courses. Hired a coach. Read the books. Binged the podcasts. Filled your self-care list to the brim. 

And instead of clarity, you were met with burnout and confusion, slipping back to where you started. You're ready for something different. A fresh approach rooted in self, not external entities.

And it all begins with connecting back to the most loved, raw, and authentic version of you

The Aura Embodiment Institute is that approach. 

Sometimes our inner mean girl is loud. Shouting things like —
It’s too late. You’ve already tried everything . Maybe this is just how it is
This must not be meant for you


This is her eviction notice.

It’s Not & Never Will Be Too Late

You’re here TODAY, and that’s what matters

To Embrace Your Bad-Assery, Ignite Your Life, and Fine-Tune The Art of Self-Confidence

“When I started to focus on the different archetypes, I started to challenge myself to wear things in a way I hadn’t thought of before. My clothes are already pretty wild, so it never occurred to me to layer things up or mix different decades. Once I got there, I was able to see myself in a different way, it made me more confident in my choices.”

“During each moment I've worked with Susanna, my life has changed bit by bit. She helped me grow into my current (and once dreamed) life! I have found my style finally, and also began to manifest through Susanna's method! I was a completely different person 2 years ago when I first started working with her, and choosing to do the work has altered my life and made it bloom into all of the things I always wanted (but didn't even know if I could ask).”

“Since joining, I have been able to find joy and intention in my daily rituals, especially getting dressed in the morning. I have learned how impactful it can be to choose an outfit that meets my needs of that day, whether I want to feel playful, sexy or like a total badass. It has become an embodiment practice that fuels my energy and allows me to carry myself in a completely new way.”


Because this concept might feel new to you Color theory and aura are two well-studied areas of science and medicine. We’re simply applying their power to style and using it as a unique approach to manifestation.  This isn’t about fashion or dressing to impress. It’s not about wearing colors that are “meant for you” or meeting society’s beauty standards. In fact, The Institute goes against all of that. 

We believe all colors have strengths and shadow sides, and if we tune into what that means for each of us as individuals, we can utilize style as a means of self-expression, self-embodiment, and healing.

Let’s Talk About

Here’s What’s Available To You 


The tools to develop and strengthen your innate gifts

Fear, self-doubt, and stagnancy 
Unshakeable confidence & strong self-efficacy

Relationships and friendships you don’t enjoy but “can’t escape”

Clarity around your desires and the ability to “self-coach” yourself to reach them

Clear identity & an understanding of how to powerfully project it through your wardrobe


Out-of-touch with intuitive, psychic gifts

Fear, self-doubt, and stagnancy 

Relationships and friendships you don’t enjoy but “can’t escape”

A lack of purpose, inspiration, and drive

Little to no self-identity

And what your life could look like 4 months from now

"I would recommend Susanna to someone who is actively looking for support outside of their current practice, but has struggled in the past with "prescribed plans for success". 

Susanna gives us very specific tools to support our journey, however her offerings allow each participant to tap into their intuition and inner knowing - so that we may begin to uncover who we are and what our true wants & needs are. 

This work is for someone who wants tools, guidance, and a support system outside of a scheduled meeting, but struggles to follow a firm, calculated formula for success."

Stephanie Regina

"This program gave me wonderful tools and interesting information on style, colors and how to integrate into my everyday life. I also feel more confidence in dressing with color to support my feelings of the day, as well as using color to Support healing past hurts and limiting beliefs and increasing trusting myself."

Diana Sibley

'Susanna is a bold, joyful and REAL person who brings it 100% every time I meet with her, no matter what is going on in her personal life. 

She has ignited a fire in me that's been asleep for a while. I’m forever grateful for her guidance."

Libby Christenson

"Susanna creates such a warm, fun and welcoming environment - feels like a group of old and dear friends. Her passion for aura work and empowering others to take the helm in reading their own energy and employing color to feel and heal is truly unique."

Jess Wolfley

"I thoroughly enjoyed this program and working with Susanna. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of color and how to incorporate it into daily life for healing is so needed in the world."

Angie Caneva

Just ask these past Aura Embodiment Institute students 

Color and Style are Incredibly Powerful Tools

The  Aura



Together, with a group of other curious, open-minded womxn, you’ll uncover limiting beliefs and mindset blocks keeping you from creating the life you desire. You’ll tap into the powers of color and style as a creative means for manifestation. You’ll unlock a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help you harness your personal power and experience the fulfillment of bringing your desires to fruition.

It’s about so much more than style—it’s about community, intention, support, and power. It’s about taking the reins of your life back and moving forward with complete confidence. It’s about learning how to use color—something all around us—as a means of healing and transformation.

A 4-month group program focused on self-embodiment through personal style

Welcome to your style evolution—
it’s time to ignite the individuality within. 

  • Each cohort of the Aura Embodiment Institute will be kept small and intimate so that every participant gets an adequate amount of time to connect with each other and receive personalized, hands-on coaching from me. While your cohort is 20-25 womxn, group calls are kept to 10 people max.

  • The womxn in this community are experiencing many of the same frustrations and blocks you are, making them the perfect people to support you throughout your journey. The community aspect is often everyone’s favorite part of the program, but it’s up to you how involved you’d like to be.

An Intimate, Private Community

The Logistics

The Logistics

Everything inside of the Institute

  • Prior to the start of your class schedule and curriculum, you will be invited to participate in 3 virtual retreats that center around the basics of The Aura Wear Method®, self-care rituals, and aura attunement. 

(3) Virtual retreats held via Zoom prior to the start of your group schedule

  • I’m teaching you my signature Aura Method and process to getting lasting transformational results. You’ll leave with an entire toolbox of resources to help you show up for yourself again and again. By the end of this program, you’ll become your own coach—owning your power to guide yourself.

  • Each week, you’ll work through intentional style homework—this is where the majority of “a ha!” moments come from (when you’re actually doing the work).

Weekly Course Content & Style Homework

You’re gaining access to everything you need to feel empowered through your style and practice showing up daily for what you want in life—because small daily choices (like what you wear) can have big impacts on your self-expression, confidence, and life.

Meet Susanna 

Professional Intuitive Energy Reader, Stylist, and Spiritual Coach

I’ve been reading auras and helping womxn feel empowered and transformed through color and style for more than a decade. It never fails to amaze me how much can shift with a simple change in wardrobe. The confidence, excitement, and self-efficacy that intentional style has to offer are astounding. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career, trapped by your relationships, or defined by your past—learning how to read your aura, dress for the energy you want, and create your reality in real-time can be the pathway to freedom, confidence, and power.

The person you want to be and the life you want to have aren’t out of reach, and I’d be honored to prove it to you.

Ready To Claim & Create The Life You Were Destined For?

Investing in yourself and your future is a powerful way to express to the Universe, those around you, and most importantly—yourself—that you’re worth showing up for. Everyone’s financial situation is unique, so we’re giving you flexible ways to pay. If you feel led to join the Institute but need a custom payment plan, please send us an email, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


*Save $1095 when you pay in full

*for a total of $4995
Click here for payment plan


The Aura Embodiment Institute is like a four-month adventure where we dive into aura healing, color vibes, and your unique style. It's about unlocking your inner magic and creating a reality that feels totally you.

What's The Aura Embodiment Institute all about?

Think of it as a mix of virtual retreats, Zoom hangouts, weekly style missions, and some serious self-discovery. We're all about using color and style as secret weapons to level up your life.

How does this whole program work?

Colors have energy and style is your superpower cape. By tapping into your aura's favorite shades, you can transform your vibes and step into a world that's authentically you. Seriously, it's like personal growth with a dash of fashion flair.

Wait, what's the deal with color and style? How's it linked to personal growth?

If you're all about breaking free from self-doubt, unlocking your superhero potential, and embracing your quirks, this program is your new BFF. No matter if you're just starting out on the self-discovery journey, or you're a seasoned explorer, we've got your back.

Who's this program for, anyway?

We're all about creating a cozy vibe where everyone gets a front-row seat. With a tight-knit group, you'll make friends who totally get you, plus, you'll get personalized coaching that'll light up your world.

 Why keep the cohort small and intimate?

You bet! It's like your favorite magical potion. Understanding the vibes of colors and aligning them with your style isn't just about fashion trends. It's about embracing your uniqueness and sparking some serious personal growth.

Can color and aura stuff really change my life?

Picture yourself strutting with boosted confidence, connecting with your intuition, and creating a path towards the life you've dreamed of. It's not just about the style – it's about the sisterhood, the empowerment, and the glow-up from within.

What goodies do I get from joining The Aura Embodiment Institute?

Easy peasy! Just hit that "Enroll Now" button on our site and you're in. Get ready to rock your aura and style like the superhero you are.

How do I hop on this transformation train?

You Are Worth The Work

Feel more empowered by your wardrobe 

Undergo a style revolution that directly connects to your spiritual wellbeing 

Learn to read auras and understand your own energetic field

Increased self-esteem—and the confidence to go after what you want

Tap into your unique intuitive—or even psychic—gifts 

Unblock your shadow sides and learn to expand your aura radiance

The Aura Embodiment Institute is honored and excited to have you. 

If you’re ready to…

Learn and effectively utilize color psychology

PS: I’m so incredibly proud of you for choosing YOU. I’ll see you inside!

I majorly got out of a personal slump (with fashion, but largely with holding self expression, dulling down my style from feeling stagnant at home and getting into blah routines) this program kick-started a major return to self, bringing back play, nostalgia, AND organization and expression to my experience with my clothes and physical body adornment in the day to day. 

I also made a few lasting connections with fellow AEI members with similar interests who are also going through big life transitions, which is a part of what I’ve been manifesting- more aligned friendships and connections!I 

I am greatly appreciative of Susanna showing up with her gifts to create such an engaging community in addition to providing content that sparked incredible personal growth and awareness in a relatively short amount of time!! 

Debbie Grandison

"Making the investment and Joining this program has opened up a part of me that had been dormant for a long time. And I’m so excited to welcome this part of me back into my world. Susanna’s energy is infectious, and I love the space she hold.She is so real and own to earth, I never felt that the information was delivered in a pretentious way. This program has a cool approach that helps you learn your deepest desires, biggest blocks and find powerful healing through color. This work has really helped me unlock my old self, in a good way. My happy, energetic, lit up self. The me that takes care of me first. It also woke up my creativity again. And it’s amazing. Joining this program has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself in year"

Jess Tice-Gilbert

I know that I have the power and ability to create anything and everything I want in my life! I am very grateful for her support and guidance this program has given me. I was scared That i wouldn't get results but This investment truly changed my life.

Dr. Renee Hubka

"I loved being a part of Susanna’s group coaching program! This process opened up new ways of thinking about color and energy, and reconnected me with the joy of creative expression through personal style and the wardrobe. I feel much more clear going forward on how I can support myself and my creative practice through the way I'm dressing, as well what kind of energy I'm cultivating around myself in general."

Morgan Benshoff

"[This program] has taught me so much about myself and the style choices I've made. It has brought me out of my creative shell and challenged my perspective on quite a few areas I just never even would've thought of. 

AEI has been such a wonderful experience. I came away from this vibrating a little bit higher and just ready to really show up as my true and authentic self even more when it comes to my style choices and using the tools you've given us to now fine tune that even more and really use color and style intentionally to support my day to day.."


"I would firstly recommend Susanna to someone who identifies as a creative and is looking for more specific support or guidance - Susanna's work allows so much room for expressing and tapping into our creativity outside of your typical "art practice". 

I found myself feeling incredibly creative and inspired day to day, and realized that the fullness I feel on stage is accessible to me in my every-day life at home. 

This work is definitely for someone who wants to live a creative & inspired life."

Stephanie Regina

Questions + Answers

What makes this program stand out from the rest?


The Aura Embodiment Institute takes personal growth to a whole new level. It's like self-discovery wrapped in a rainbow. We're all about blending aura energy and style in a way that speaks to your heart and soul

Will this program make me a fashion clone?


Nope, not at all! We're all about celebrating your unique style. This program helps you uncover the colors and looks that resonate with your core. It's about expressing yourself, not following trends.



 No worries, friend! This journey is all about trying new things and embracing the wild ride. We're here to guide you, and you'll find your style groove in no time.

Is this only for girls, or can guys join too?


Everyone's invited to this party! Personal growth knows no gender. If you're ready to embrace color, style, and personal transformation, you're in the right place.

Can I join even if I don't know a thing about colors or auras?


Absolutely! You don't need to be a color expert or an aura guru. We'll teach you everything you need to know, and you'll be rocking those colors like a pro in no time.

What happens if I can't make it to a group call or miss a session?


Life happens, and we get that! Don't worry if you can't make a call – we'll have recordings ready for you. Your journey with us is flexible, just like your style.

How do I know if this program is right for my adventurous spirit?


If you're up for an adventure that involves self-discovery, style evolution, and a vibrant community, you're in the right place. If you're curious about the magic of colors and style, The Aura Embodiment Institute is calling your name.

Do you offer refunds if I need to cancel my enrollment?


We understand that circumstances can change, but unfortunately, we do not offer refunds once you've enrolled in The Aura Embodiment Institute. Our commitment is to provide you with a transformative experience, and we're excited to have you join us on this journey.

What if I'm unable to continue with the program after enrolling?


We appreciate your understanding that once you're enrolled, the program resources, coaching, and support are reserved for you. While we can't offer refunds, we encourage you to make the most of your enrollment and reach out if you have any questions or concerns during the program.

Can I transfer my enrollment to someone else if I can't participate?


Unfortunately, enrollments are non-transferable. The program is designed to create a personalized experience for each participant, and transferring enrollments wouldn't allow us to provide that level of individual attention and support.

How can I make the most of my enrollment if I can't participate fully?


We encourage you to engage as much as possible during the program, but we understand that life can get busy. If you're unable to participate in certain aspects, focus on the elements that align with your schedule. Feel free to catch up on recorded sessions and reach out for any clarifications you may need.

Can I join a future cohort if I can't continue with my current enrollment?


While we can't offer refunds, we'd be thrilled to have you join a future cohort of The Aura Embodiment Institute if your circumstances allow. This way, you can still experience the transformational journey at a later time.