What Actually IS an Aura?

Aura and Style Basics

What Is An Aura?

Auras are a spiritual energy that seem invisible to the untrained eye.

All life forces emit a small frequency of electricity, also known as our electromagnetic field. Simply put, this electromagnetic field is what we commonly refer to as our “energy”, also known as our aura.

For intuitive like Aura Wear’s Founder Susanna Merrick, aura energy is visible, and appears in layers surrounding a person’s body. Through a decade of doing this work, Susanna has come to understand that these colorful hues of energy reflect a person’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

There are a handful of common misconceptions when it comes to auras, among them is the idea that a person has one singular, static aura—this is simply not true.

Just like our moods, energy is in a constant state of flux, so it’s actually quite common for aura colors to shift in response to our surroundings and every life. Auras are a reflection of our emotional, intuitive state—life ebbs and flow all around us, and naturally, so do our auras, moods, and energies. 

However, some colors are innately always with us, reflecting the deeper, foundational parts of ourselves. This energy makes up our personality and persona and reflects our essence as people. 

Because our energies are constantly shifting with emotional responses and outside influences, we’re not defined by our *current* auras. On one particular day, you might be feeling super organized and on top of things, emitting a green aura. A few days later, you could be feeling spontaneous enough to take a last-minute weekend trip, and suddenly your aura is shifting to orange.

This is why it’s important to have your aura read frequently—readings help us take a closer look at what’s going on inside, helping us hold space for what we need to let in, and let go of what no longer serves us. Think of it as an emotional message—you’re evening out your energies and targeting those hard-to-hit pain points.

The Aura Color Spectrum

  • Green—when the color green appears in your aura, it typically means you’re in the midst of a transitional period, walking through a season of change. A green aura can be a cry for self-care, helping you pass through these changes with calm, clarity, and confidence. This aura color calls for all things type a, signaling a need to get organized, efficient, and back on top of things.
  • Blue—blue auras are a signal for us to slow down, and check in to make sure that everything we’re putting our energy towards aligns with our goals, and values. This color is all about trust and devotion to innermost ourselves, and those around us who help channel our best energy. Think of this aura energy like a sweet, gentle reminder to stop and smell the roses.
  • Violet—violet is for the visionaries. Having this color in your aura means you’re calling in a higher power to connect with creativity, manifest your goals, or reach your higher purpose.
  • Red—having red in your aura signals a connectedness to the body. People with red in their aura typically emit strength, a heightened sensuality, a strong sense of confidence, and boldness. 
  • Orange—orange is for the extremists. People with orange in their aura are not wishy-washy. They are decisive, take bold stances, make strong statements, and they want you to make sure that you know it. 
  • Yellow—yellow auras signal a fun-loving, free-spirited, bubbly energy. Those with yellow in their auras typically harness positivity, whether that’s through their ambitions, their emotions, or in their relationships. 

Energy Styling

Here at Aura Wear, color remains the core of everything we do.

When we think about auras acting as a visual representation of what’s going on energetically, it only makes sense that the clothes we choose to wear on our body must also reflect how we’re feeling inside. These are the colors we’ve gravitated towards, the textures we feel drawn to, the silhouettes that make us feel most like ourselves, and how we’ve chosen to present ourselves to the world!

Have you ever gone to a store where the interior design really made you *feel* something? Maybe the space was decked out with beautiful evergreen plants or draped in a vibrant yellow, or calming blue, or coveted millennial pink, and automatically you felt the energy of the space?

Through energy styling, Susanna helps you achieve that feeling within yourself. Aura Wear helps you call in the colors you need to harness for balanced energies, and a-best-foot-forward mindset.

At Aura Wear, we call in color for a number of reasons, and energy styling is just one channel for doing that. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing so much more about color healing, channeling, and energy styling—but for now, we’ll just leave you with that little taste ;).